Sincerely Louise

This weeks MOTW is Sarah with her summery hare!

MOTW, what is it?

Every week we showcase a Maker of the Week (MOTW) across our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Every month we choose four MOTW's and at the end of the month our followers vote on a favourite. The maker with the most votes wins a 'Make Your Own' knitting kit. 

How to enter

Simply share your finished SL knits with us on our social media. They can be projects knitted from our kits, patterns or book. Remember to @sincerelylouise and #sincerelylouise so we can see it! 

Meet June's MOTM

Screenshot 2017-05-15 16.04.22.png

We thought you'd like to get to know our latest Maker of the Month a little more. 

Name - Chantelle Collett-Ellis

Have you given your maker of the month knit a name? My winning unicorns name is Sugar Puff. 

And where does it live? She lives in the hallway near the front door to greet people when they walk in to my home.

How long have you been knitting for?  I learnt to knit when I was 8 years old but then gave it up shortly after. I started knitting again about a year ago and love it! 

What was your first Sincerely Louise knitting project? My first Sincerely Louise knitting kit was the fox faux taxidermy head.

How many knitting projects have you currently got on the go? I currently have two knitting projects on the go. I am knitting the small Sincerely Louise toadstool beanbag and a Wool And The Gang Joyride summer top.

Which Sincerely Louise kit have you chosen as your prize and why? I chose to get a discount on the gigantic Loch Ness Monster kit as my MOTM prize. He is amazing and I cannot wait to see him all finished. 

If you were an animal what would you be? If I was an animal I would be a monkey.

What’s your favourite 90s jam? My favourite 90's jam was anything by The Offspring. I loved rock music (still do) and the album Smash was played a lot along with Nirvana.

If you were an octopus what 4 knitting projects would you knit at the same time?  If I was an octopus the 4 projects I would be knitting at the same time would be a Sincerely Louise giant Loch Ness Monster, SL toadstool cushion, another SL unicorn and a SL purple dragon.

Who would win in a fight a t-rex or a unicorn? The unicorn would win in a fight against a T-Rex because of the unicorns magical powers, speed and it's ability to fly.

Would you rather all the wool in the world and never have time to knit with it or have lots of time to knit and only one ball of wool? I would rather lots of time to knit and only one ball of wool because at least I could enjoy a little bit of knitting.

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