Giant Animal Heads

Giant Elephant Head Knitting Kit

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You won't miss this elephant in the room, when you knit your own elephant head. It's knitted on straight needles and there's no colour changing, so it’s easier than it looks to knit. Stitch markers are used to help place the ears, eyes and tusks, and it’s in super chunky wool so knits up quickly.

The pattern for the elephant head is in my book, 'The Knitter's Activity Book'. You can order the book as part of the kit, or order the kit without the book if you already have a copy.

FINISHED SIZE: 57cm x 36cm x 58cm (22.5in x 14in x 23ins)


  • Optional book which includes the pattern for the elephant head. If you already have a copy of the book please select 'Don't include book' when you order.
  • 9mm straight knitting needles (optional)
  • 5 x 100g balls of grey super chunky yarn - 100% acrylic 
  • 1 x 100g ball of cream super chunky yarn - 100% acrylic
  • 200g polyester toy stuffing
  • 2 x 24mm black toy eyes and washers
  • Sincerely Louise laser cut MDF backing board
  • Plastic sewing up needle and sewing up yarn
  • Sincerely Louise project bag - Tote bucket bag

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate skill level. There's no working in the round, as it’s knitted on straight needles.

STITCHES USED: Knit, Purl, Increasing and Decreasing (Kfb, K2tog and SKP), Intarsia colour work, mattress stitch for sewing up.