Sincerely Louise

The Curious Project Bag Seventeen - SOLD OUT

Available from the 1st to 3rd of November only

Bag Seventeen Estimated Delivery: ASAP!

The Curious Project is our monthly mystery knitting kit. At the beginning of each month we reveal a bag with a clue on and towards the end of the month we'll deliver your surprise project. The projects are kept top secret, but we can say they include a project that isn't already on the market or that has a Sincerely Louise twist to it.

The only clue to the contents of these kits is the design on the tote bag. These projects will range from toys to accessories, pillows to a little faux taxidermy. They'll follow the Sincerely Louise ethos, as they'll be fun, simple and full of personality. The Curious Project will feature some of our favourite yarns, extra special guest brands and some surprises along the way.

The Curious Project will be available from 1st of each month to midnight on the 3rd. After this time they will no longer be available and we will not be listing any of the kits or patterns anywhere online or selling them at fairs. It's totally exclusive to curious knitters.

Postage Costs

UK: per kit £4.20

Europe: per kit £12.00

Rest of the world: per kit £15.50


£30.00 per kit + postage



Previous Projects


Please note these previous projects are no longer available.  All Curious Projects are one off kits and will not be released as single patterns.