Sincerely Louise

Free Mermaid Cowl Pattern

Mermaid Cowl chart.jpg

To celebrate the launch of my Mythically Chunky yarn here's a free snood pattern! Make your own mermaid scarf with just three balls of Mythically Chunky Yarn.

You will need:

9mm Straight 34mm Needles 

M - Main Colour - Mermaid - x 2 Balls

C - Contrast Colour - Unicorn or Sprite - x 1 Ball     Unicorn is featured in the photographs

Tension: 6 stitches x 9 rows

Cast on 57 Stitches in M and work from the chart. The blank squares represent knit stitches and the squares with dark circles in represent purl stitches. When changing colours carry the yarn, keeping it neat - especially at the start and end of the pattern. 

This pattern is worked on straight needles. After bounding/casting off sew up the snood using a mattress stitch - the abbreviation for this is BO on the chart. Weave in all loose ends.

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Copyright Louise Walker 2016. This pattern is not to be used for any commercial purposes or adapted, this includes selling the finished pieces without the permission of the copyright holder.