Softies - Paper Patterns

These softies can bring fun to your day. From a small stash busting snail to your own desk loch ness monster, these projects are fun to knit and have loads of personality.

  • The patterns are A5 booklets, written in English 
  • The patterns are mostly designed in DK, but every row has been included, so you can size them up and down depending on the yarn and needles you use
  • Sizes vary for each design, and the weight of yarn has been included with each option. DK knits tend to be smaller stash busting projects
  • Skill levels vary from easy to intermediate
  • This listing is for paper patterns only, no knitting materials are included.
  • For digital versions of the patterns please CLICK HERE 


  • Gingerbread
  • Mince Pie 
  • Pig in a Blanket
  • Mini Sprout
  • Giant Sprout - football sized
  • Snow Cloud
  • Rain Cloud
  • Rainbow
  • Sunshine

FINISHED SIZES - In alphabetical order

  • Alena the Sheep - 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (8in x 6in x 4in)
  • Alexis the Sloth - 18cm x 14cm x 9cm (7in x 5.5in x 3.5in)
  • Baby Bear Head - 30cm x 25cm x 28cm (12in x 10in x 11in)
  • Cara the Dolphin - 28cm x 22cm x 16cm (11in x 9in x 6in)
  • Desk Loch Ness - Head 40cm x 9cm (16in x 3.5in), Body 25cm x 9cm (10in x 3.5in), Tail 30cm x 9cm (12in x 3.5in)
  • Inky the Octopus - 18cm x 8cm x 8cm (7in x 3in x 3in)
  • Mermaid Cat - 70cm x 30cm x 20cm (28in x 12in x 8in)
  • Mrs West the Tortoise - 20cm x 11cm x 8cm (8in x 4.5in x 3in)
  • Octavia the Blob-fish - 34cm x 20cm x 15cm (13in x 8in x 6in)
  • Sarah-Maria the Snail - 22cm x 18cm x 5cm (9in x 7in x 2in)
  • Tiny Owl - 12cm x 7cm x 5cm (5in x 3in x 2in)
  • Unicorn Cat - 45cm x 30cm x 25cm (18in  x 12in x 10in)
  • Vicky the Oyster - 14cm x 22cm x 16cm (5.5in x 9in x 6in)
  • Zoe the Narwhal - 21cm x 14cm x 16cm (8.5in x 5.5in x 6in)

    These knitting patterns won’t teach you how to knit, but my new book First Time Knits can take you from beginner to knitter in nine fun (and cute) projects.