The Sincerely Louise Guide to Red Brick Market Sheffield

May 15, 2024

The Sincerely Louise Guide to Red Brick Market Sheffield

The Sincerely Louise Guide to Red Brick Market Sheffield

When I heard a huge indie department store was opening in Sheffield, I was first in the queue to grab a unit. Located on Clough Road, right next to the Sincerely Louise studio in Chaucer Yard, Red Brick Market is a huge warehouse filled with over 100 independent businesses. The building used to be a trampoline park, so  make sure you look up when visiting, as you'll spot several skeletons and a baby pink Christmas tree hanging from its steel beams. 

Red Brick Market Sheffield
Painted in gorgeous graffiti by Panda and his Graffiti Artist team, Red Brick Market is home to a collective of indie traders, selling a huge range of amazing things, from vintage clothes to freeze dried sweets, prints to plants. There are local artists selling prints, candles, cards and original artwork. It's a treasure trove of treats, and I'll be doing all my birthday / Christmas / new baby / new home / wedding / Mother's day / Father's day / you name a reason to buy a gift / shopping there! 

I've traded at lots of craft fairs before, from local Sheffield markets like the Craft and Flea to the largest textile fair in the UK, The Knitting and Stitching Show. I've always dreamed of opening my own shop, so I was beyond excited about taking a permeant market stall at Red Brick. I've stocked my pink cabinet of crafty dreams full of knitting kits, books, patterns and yarn. I'm hoping to create Sheffield's newest Wool Shop, stocking a range of yarns from DK to Super Chunky. 
My stall is located right in the centre of the market. You can find kits and patterns on one side and yarn on the other. I'm hoping to transform the yarn side over the next few weeks, so literally watch this space. Alongside selling wool at the market, I'm launching a range of workshops next door at my studio in Chaucer Yard. The events include the sell out night Weird Crafts and Learn to Knit for a Fiver. Find out more here.

Wool shop sheffield

What can you find at Red Brick Market?

Red Brick Market works like a department store, with lots of independent units and a main cash desk. You wonder round, pick what you'd like and pay at the front. There is so much to choose from, and every time I look around there's always something new and exciting. 

Familiar Faces

You may notice a few familiar faces, including Mr. Sincerely Louise, who has a range of animal themed t-shirts and hoodies under Clumsy Hooves. 
Sian Ellis, who collaborated on the ghost Curious Project, also has a space, showcasing her spooky prints, zines, earrings and t-shirts.  

Clumsy Hooves
red brick market sheffield
sian ellis sheffield
This is Sian Ellis

Vintage Clothes

There is a huge range of vintage clothes at Red Brick. With rails of stocked full of blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers and tops, you can tell that a lot of care has gone into each curated collection. Not only is there an incredible selection of womenswear, there's also so much menswear, you can spend hours hunting for the perfect new piece for your wardrobe. 
vintage clothing sheffield
Shrinking Violet Vintage 
red brick market vintage
Shrinking Violet Vintage 
Second hand soph
Second Hand Soph

Vintage Homewear and Trinkets

I am obsessed with vintage home wear and love any kind of trinket, the stranger the better. There's midcentury finds to get your home looking fine. Each time I pop in I have to drag myself away from all the retro ceramic animals!

Art, Craft and Fabric Supplies

Alongside my new wool stall, there is not only one, but two fabric stalls, with a range of fat quarters. You can also find ... by KT selling a range of cross stitch kits, you'll have to go in yourself to appreciate her full range. You can also buy spray paint, just ask at the front desk. 


Prints and Cards 

Sheffield home to some wonderful artists and illustrators, before you know it your home will be covered in artwork as there's an unbelievable amount of prints to choose from at Red Brick!



If you're like me, you might be a house plant murderer and need a bit of a green top up. From monsteras to snake plants, your new new plant shop is Red Brick. 



Chocolate and Sweets



Embrace Your Dark Side 

 Red Brick is known for embracing alternative artists. I haven't visited Red Brick Liverpool or Birmingham, but I've heard from my trader friends, that they have a selection of gothic stalls. I'm happy to report that Sheffield hasn't scared away from embracing everything goth here. My personal fav are the coffin shaped shopping boards.


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