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Sale Animal Heads - Paper Patterns

My faux taxidermy animal heads were the knits that started it all at Sincerely Louise. You could choose woodland animals, like the Fox or Badger. If you want to go into the wild, the Tiger or Polar Bear head would be right for you. There are lots of creatures that you could knit as an endearing highlight for any wall. 

  • Each pattern is an A5 colour booklet, with step-by-step sewing up instructions.
  • The patterns for all of these animals include instructions to knit both giant or mini animal heads. You’ll just need to use different sizes of yarn and needles, which are listed in the pattern.
  • Skill levels vary, but these are generally easy to intermediate knits
  • The average size of the mini heads are 20cm x 15cm x 18cm (8in x 6in x 7in), and the average size of the giant heads 25cm x 40cm x 45cm (10in x 16in x 18in). Sizes vary depending on which animal head you go for.

  • To complete your animal head project, you'll need to buy a mini or giant backing board separately. You can get yours in our HABERDASHERY section.
  • This listing is for paper patterns only, no knitting materials are included.
  • For digital versions of the patterns please CLICK HERE 

These knitting patterns won’t teach you how to knit, but my new book First Time Knits can take you from beginner to knitter in nine fun (and cute) projects.

Please note: New Ram Head and Mini Fox Head knitting patterns have been released, so their original knitting patterns are available at a discounted price. The new Mini Fox Head knitting pattern only includes the information for the mini size, not both sizes. All other patterns include instructions for both sizes. The discounted Fox Head knitting pattern includes instructions for both mini and giant sizes but features intarsia colour work, which does not feature in the new Mini Fox Head knitting pattern.